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Why Prayogshala?

Flexibility: As a remote provider, we offer the ability to customers to access our services from anywhere, at any time. This can be especially useful for companies with a distributed workforce.

Expertise: Our team likely has a deep understanding of software solutions and can offer valuable guidance to our customers.

Cost-effectiveness: By eliminating the need for on-site consultations or installations, we can offer competitive pricing for our services.

Convenience: With remote solutions, there is no need for customers to disrupt their own workflows or schedules in order to receive the assistance they need.

Time savings: Customers can save time by having the ability to access our services remotely, rather than having to set up in-person meetings or appointments.

Our Promise

Quality & detailed input will be provided after understanding your business.

Our best enginners will be your side.

Immediate support will be provide, post production.

Being a startup, we understads how important to value dreams.

Our expertise We work
across the World

UI/UX designing/

Website Development/

Mobile Application Development/

AI and Web3.0 consulting/

IoT Solution Integration

and more…

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We work
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What is base location of the team?

We are an odisha based start up. Our team disctributed across country and works remotely.

What languages do you speak?

All our developers speak fluent English, Hindi and some are Odia, Telgu, Bengali.

Do you provide post production support?

Absolutely we do !!

What time zone do you operate in?

We are felxible in working different timezone.

What is your work experience?

Most of our developers are 7+ experience. Our leads are above 12+ years of industry experience.


How does
it work?

How does
it work?


We will spend time with you and your team, we understand your business and your problems.


Then we will the best posible software solutions for your requirements.


Open agreeemnt, we will freeze the requirements, and jump to the developemnt.


Your team will be directly assoicated with the team and keep on monitoring and validating the solution developed.


Hourly invoicing or Entire project invoicing.

Our clients

Stefan Bonczoszek

CEO, Lokomotiv Digital Limited

London, United Kingdom

Miks have rapidly become one of our most important development partners. We have delivered many successful commercial products working with the team, servicing the UK publishing and business information sectors. As well as being technically brilliant, they think in business objectives and add value continually throughout the development process.

Being a multi-lingual team, with significant resources that develop in a number of different technologies, we’ve been able to deliver premium products and services with "best fit" and the most modern solutions available, to ensure customer expectations are always exceeded. Overall Miks are a joy to work with and a real enhancement to our business.

Yan Zagatsky

CEO, Georest Ltd, Israel

In collaboration with Miks we succeeded in developing 2 prosperous food delivery applications (one is designed for customers to help them make orders from restaurants and another for internal use - to process the incoming orders by managers). Nowadays, the app is getting global thanks to White Label that provides an opportunity to easily brand the application for specific food delivery services. This feature helps to create new brands quickly due to highly automated processes.

The project was created literally from scratch and there was no technical specification but the idea itself. The development team went far beyond simple execution of the tasks and actively participated in all the discussions important for the evolution of the project and also suggested the ideas, which we truly appreciate.

Miks is valuable for its well-organized ant transparent processes. It was always easy to find mutually beneficial solutions in case of controversial and complex issues. We didn’t face any lack of (human) resources for our project, moreover there was an opportunity to add the additional resources for related tasks (a couple of small sites were developed, a plugin for WP was created that works in conjunction with the current functionality of ordering and delivering food).

For a long time, Miks has been providing technical support and improvements (adjustments) of native food delivery applications.

We can recommend Miks as a reliable and responsible mobile application development partner who cares about the fate of your project as well as you / as you do!

Alex Myzuka

CEO, Digital Eagle Inc, NJ, USA

Miks Soft team has developed ProfitAds service which helps the client to allocate his budget to different advertising platforms in a few clicks and then redistribute the budget between various companies and advertising platforms. The expenses statistics analysis makes it easy to forecast and notify users in advance about the time the account should be topped up.

The functionality is available through the web-interface as well as through API and affords to integrate the service with various systems. The microservice architecture provides the effective distribution of the users' workload between the web interface and API and also contributes to convenient and fast scaling of the system.

In addition, Kubernetes technology facilitates fast speed of the service even with a large number of users due to load distribution.

In order to administrate and provide technical support, Miks developed administrative system with different role types and specific technical support system for the service users. Due to automate and simplify the internal processes, Miks Soft integrated the entire service with our 1C:Enterprise system.

This solution allows to reflect all the information about advertising campaign costs in 1C:Enterprise and affords ProfitAds to receive invoices and closing documents automatically.

Contact Information

PHONE NUMBER: +91-8763875518

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